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Welcome to my website. Enjoy the artwork.

Here are some pages and characters from the latest 'readers' I have illustrated over the last two years. 'Readers' are easy reading books for children learning to read.

'Auntie Eve's Birthday Surprise'
'The Little Horse'

right:  from 'Eek!'

'Bessie Bilby Needs a Friend'

from 'Bessie Bilby Needs a Friend'
Grade Two


right: from 'Lop'
Level 3 Prep

from 'The Little Horse'
Level 12 Grade One

from 'Auntie Eve's Birthday Surprise'
Level 13 Grade One

from 'Anna is Annoyed'
Grade Two


from 'Stop That Chimp!'
Level 9 Prep


'Stop That Chimp!'

from 'Toad and Crow'
Level 11 Grade One


'Toad  & Crow'
'Zoo School'

below: from 'Zoo School'
Level 8 Prep


right: from 'Eek!'
Level 6 Prep

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 'Anna Gets Annoyed'
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